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hey girl. it's me. so excited to have you.

hellooo its me!

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I'm Carey:)

First of all, VERY hype you've decided to join us. By "us" I'm referring to myself and the absolutely iconic group of womxn who are on this journey with us. Maybe you're on a health journey, or self love, or the path to vegan living or maybe you're just here for food (understandable) but whatever it may be, we are all here together <3 love that for us.​

This all started with a "fitsta" instagram I made myself in 2018 and two years (and two handle changes) later, my page and the community I've connected with has grown into such a dope group, I had to just make a blog and a page and get this shit official. 

So allow me to officially introduce myself. My name is Carey (@veggieburgerbby if you're in my IG fam). I'm an upstate New York girl living in Colorado with my boyfriend and the dogs, Sasha and Pumbaa. I love vintage clothes, dog sitting, vegan mac and cheese and moving my body in and out of the gym. And ya, I fucking love a good veggie burger.

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