Facial Rolling and Why We Stan.

I have to admit i'm late to get on this beauty hack but better late than never right? Facial massage and manipulation has been around for much longer than you might expect. Techniques like gua sha has been studied scientifically in China since as early as 1300, being added into medical records and practiced to this day.

I'm sure you've all seen your favorite beauty guru prepping their face with a jade roller and that's for good reason. When done properly, facial massage can be INCREDIBLY beneficial to both our external and internal wellness. Facial massage can significantly relax your facial muscles that I'm sure have been tensed since early 2020 (or longer), while aiding in skin elasticity, puffiness and redness from a purely aesthetic standpoint.

But your insides will thank you as well! Facial rolling, massage and manipulation can also aid in our bodies lymphatic drainage. These lymphatic fluids in your body hold lots of toxins that can give you that bloated and puffy feeling as well as MAJOR headaches (this was my issue). With proper technique (click here for a diagram) , ice rolling can move those fluids through your body to be expressed as waste and the relief I feel afterwards is SO rewarding. Kinda like taking out a really tight pony tail.

So what roller do I use? I have a jade roller that has always worked wonders but recently I upgraded to a metal roller from Plum Beauty and im LOVING it! The key with any roller though is keep that bitch FROZEN. Like deep deep in the back of the freezer. Some people skip the roller all together and just use an ice cube tbh but I find a roller to be a little less...wet.

How long should you be rolling? As long as you'd like! 5-15 minutes seems to be my sweet spot for waking myself up in the morning quickly and efficiently while still seeing a decrease in puffiness before I start my day. Sometimes I like to put a little rose hip oil on first too. The roller really works the oil into the skin and leaves my face SO soft and moisturized (which is really a challenge in Colorado winters smh).

So let's get rolling! ;) Morning and night.Give yourself 5 minutes, twice a day to really just give urself some luv<3 and attention. Leave me a comment if you try this out or have any questions!