my road to plant based livin

Updated: Jan 22

I have been on this journey to plant based living for quite literally, over half my life. It started with a weird childhood obsession with cows. Idk what it was if we're being honest but by the time I was in 6th grade I was making "don't eat cows" buttons complete with a visual of a dairy cow in front of some clip-art cherry blossoms that were honestly iconic. Little bby Carey dropped beef and got the ball rolling.

The next few years were trial and error for baby Carey to go vegetarian and learning to work with the non vegetarian half of my family on meals we could all enjoy. By the time I got into High School I had began my first round of a fully plant based diet (which actually started as a bet with me and my sister for who could be vegan longer. Spoiler; she won). Unfortunately, High School was also the first time I found myself fully engulfed in toxic diet culture and the two were a messy pair.

My eating mindset in HS was based off of loosing weight and restricting the foods I thought were "bad". I was doing juice fasts for up to weeks at a time (don't do that), tried my fair share at the cabbage soup diet (gross) and was going to the gym to strictly run off my calories with hours of cardio. Not great. After years of restricting and lazy vegan eating into college, I was no longer able to sustain my habits and went back into a pescatarian/vegetarian situation that has lasted through 2019.

November of that year, my boyfriend and I were deep into the depths of Netflix documentaries and yes, that included every vegan health and environmental documentary they had to offer. Now I know, not everyone agrees or trusts the way Netflix docs get all their info and that's fine, the point is that is really sparked something with both of us. Where I had already been a vegetarian and eaten plant based previously, I was totally ready to try again and do it the RIGHT way this time. To my surprise, my life long meat eating boyfriend was just, if not more, enthusiastic than I was about the change. So I cut back out fish, dairy and the other smaller animal product groups and he started cutting back his meats and dairy products and before we knew it, we had both fully transitioned into our new way of eating.

It's almost been a year now and we both feel better than ever (literally ever). I learned from my mistakes the first attempt I made at this way of eating and this time around I'm focused of fueling my body, enjoying the foods I love (vegan mac and cheese hello) and getting the macro and micro nutrients my body needs to function at its best.

And now here we are! At the very least, I hope this page can help you not make the same mistakes I made the first time around (you can not live off peanut butter bagels I'm sorry) and get you feeling like your literal best self. So let's get started.