New Website Tour

AHHHHHH!!! Guys I am so excited this website is finally up and running. This website took me many months, coffees, blunts and dark chocolate covered raisins to complete. To have it finally publish and already be making connections with everyone feels so freaking good.

You probably joined me here from instagram and first of I want to say thank you! Seeing familiar faces on this new website is so rewarding and im so hype for us all to get to interact more. As amazing as instagram is, there are a lot of bot accounts, trolls, advertisements and spam (LOVE YOUR PICS<33 DM TO COLLAB!*~*) that can make it hard to really connect with all the great people in this community. This website is here to not only be a blog and resource for your plant based wellness journey, but a social hub for all of us to connect and share ideas! Be sure to make an account so you can leave comments, and I will definitely be looking for guest writers in the future! So if that sounds fun, make a log in and hop on the email list so you'll be the first to know.

Quickie little website tour, all the blog posts will be under the. "Blog" tab and the newest post will always be "featured" on the home page of the site! All products on the way (both digital and physical) will be in the "Shop" tab, and any announcements will be right at the top of the home page for you! If you have any feedback for me or just want to say hi, you can reach me in the "contact" tab or all the way at the bottom of the page (computer or mobile views). I will respond to all these contact sheets first and responses will go directly to your email:)

Eyes open for the first email blast going out tonight! There will be a good sneaky discount for the upcoming ebook in there so if you don't see anything in your inbox, check your spam or promotional email folders. I don't know exactly what im doing yet with this whole thing but im excited to learn and grow with you guys <33 thank you again for your support and joining me on this new journey!