the formula to a perfect scratch veggie burger

Lmao of course my first food post is going to be about veggie burgers. Not only is it very on brand but I swear I am fucking obsessed. I have never had a bad veggie burger. From the OG Boca black bean burgers of my childhood to all the craziness that is Impossible meat, there is literally no way to fuck up a patty and some bunz.

So when it came time to clean out the fridge and pantry and I found some left over boiled beets the gears started turning a little. Beet burgers? They're red and juicy looking, hold some moisture, relatively flavorless and I damn sure wasn't going to eat them by themselves (not a fan sorry I just can't do it) so those bitches went in the blender.

Beets are wateryish so I added some chickpeas to thicken it up a bit. Next thing you know I'm going crazy with the nutritional yeast and flipping what looked like 4 literal meat patties on my stove top.

So here's the real tea. You can literally make these with anything and it will work. Ive used beets, carrots, lentils, chickpeas, cauliflower, black beans, broccoli, zucchini whatever tf you like, you can use. The key is picking a dry ingredient to control how it holds together. Nutritional yeast, chia seeds, hemp seeds, ground flax, flour, even protein powder if that's your vibe. Just something to bind that bitch together. For the beet and chickpea combo I coated my hands in nutritional yeast before I scooped some mixture out of the blender and formed the patties with basically a nutritional yeast crust to hold them together on the flip. Sprinkle a little at the end too if yer getting fancy.

And that's it. Thats my big secret to a homemade, three ingredient veggie burger. Literally put some shit in a blender and get busy. If you want to be truly professional get yourself a food processor but were still rocking with a broken Nutribullet (like broken where you have to press a knife down into the base to make it work, shits a little dangerous tbh) and so far so good.

*cooking pro tip- let these cook longer than you think they need. the more you let the outside cook and crust up (like yummy crust not gross crust srry about that wording) the better they're going to hold together for you. plz try and lmk how it goes and what you used! you're welcome ;)))